An Authority that Confronts

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Christ never did back down from confrontations with the religious leaders of his day and these two passages from chapters 11 and 12 of the book of Mark are certinaly no exception. But the response he gave them was of great importance to us as we consider the deity of Christ and his place as the true God-Man. The passages for our message are taken from Mark 11:27-33 and Mark 12:1-12.

The Responsbility of Refreshment

Christopher Welch


Description:A title like the one for this message is not likely to be immediately comprehensible. But in opening the letter from Paul to Philemon, we see both a message to this church leader and to his church, not to mention the church today. The first 7 verses of this rather brief book are of unique intent to the Christian and share with us a message near to the heart of God, one of refreshment and the joy of living and working in His Kingdom and for his glory.

He Is Not Here!

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:We take this Easter Sunday as an opportunity to examine the story of the ressurection of Jesus Christ. Luke 24:1-12

The Rich Young Ruler

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Many of us are familiar with the passage discussing the rich young ruler and Christ's response to his query about eternal security. But what is the true meaning behind this account? Do all rich people not get to enter into Heaven? If we aren't rich, do we get a free pass from this command? Join us as we open Mark 10 verses 17-31 to see the true intent behind this brief encounter between the rich ruler and the Ruler of the universe.

Living Peacefully in Marriage

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:As we draw towards a close in our short study of marriage and divorce, we examine a familiar passage in 1 Corinthians concerning the ways that husbands and wives are to live with one another, even under the most challenging situations and circumstances. Bill Klotz leads us in reading 1 Corinthians 7:12-17 as we open God's word and examine these vital principles.

Jesus on Marriage & Divorce

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:It's a topic sure to split the room right down the middle if you bring it up during a Sunday dinner after church; what about divorce? Does Jesus permit it in certain situations? Should we never get divorced for any reason? Open your Bible to Mark chapter 10 and join us as we examine what Jesus has instructed for us concerning divorce but more importantly, the institution of marriage.

Who Do You Say That He Is?

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:We have reached a watershed moment, a turning point in this study of Mark. As believers in Christ and also as an agnostic or atheist, the most important question that we can answer is; who do you say that Jesus is? It is vital that we know who Jesus is as he is described in the inspired word that he has given us. Follow along with us Mark 8 and in the corresponding passage in Matthew 16:13-20.

Sight to the Blind

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:It's the story of Jesus' healing the blind man in Mark chapter 8, an account contained in no other Gospel. What did Jesus intend by taking him away from from the crowd, privately? Why did he not heal him instantly as in other instances of miraculous restoration? In just 4 verses we have a depth of Christ's character to explore as he demonstrates the importance of not being distracted by the means of healing but looking to the person of Jesus as the focus of our faith.

Sent To Pass The Baton

Pastor Ben Wright


Description:In Acts chapter 20 we have a unique account of a faithful minister taking leave of those in his charge and moving on to God's next step. Paul had ministered deeply for a time to the church at Ephesus and was answering the call of the Holy Spirit to go to Jerusalem but wanted to leave the elders in the Ephesian church with a final word before his departure. Visiting pastor Ben Wright opens the Scriptures with this message concerning the stewarding & shepherding of a local church and the responsibilities of both the pastor and congregation in the work of the Kingdom. Our Scripture reading for this message is in Jeremiah 26:1-15.

The Need for Bread

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Sometimes, we can identify with the disciple's puzzlement as they came face to face with God in the flesh in the person of Christ. And yet, the message that is contained here in Mark 8 is of great importance and can certainly be grasped with the help of the Holy Spirit. The world seeks to be satisfied in so many ways but only Christ offers the sufficiency necessary to fulfill the longing in our souls for complete satisfaction.

He Does All Things Well

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:We would encourage you to begin today's study by first reading Isaiah chapter 35. It's connection to the message contained in Mark 7:31-37 cannot be overstated. In this day of sin, turmoil, elections, corruption and suffering, we sometimes struggle to affirm this truth that Christ has done and will do all things well. But if we can grasp and believe this truth, we have the opportunity of knowing more of God as who He truly is and His purpose in circumstances and history.

Humble, Persistent Faith

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:The story of the Syrophoenician Woman in Mark 7, while an encouraging passage, can be puzzling as well when considering the terms Jesus used in this brief conversation. What did he mean when he spoke of "dogs" eating the crumbs from the children's table? Did he really mean that Gentiles were dogs? And why didn't he just instantly heal this woman's daughter? Open your Bible with us to Mark 7 as we seek to see the real Jesus in this chapter.

Inward Contamination

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Defilement. It's not a word that we use often these days. It's somewhat old fashioned. But Mark 7, verses 14-23 demands a clear usage of proper language to accurately describe the topic Christ discusses. We continue on a similar theme to the message from last week as we learn that the contamination of humanity is defined by God, not by men. It is easy for us to look at ourselves or someone else on the outside and believe that we're clean, or at least doing OK. But when we hold up the 'black light' of God's perfect standard, we begin to see the need for a perfect Savior.

Authority: Scripture or Traditions?

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:We begin our message today with an exhortation concerning difficult passages that we come across in the Word. Maybe we skip over certain things when we don't understand them or comprehend it's intent. But as we learn today, Scripture is indeed God-breathed and profitable in it's entirety. Open your Bibles with us to Mark 7 and listen carefully as Christ directly confronts the spiritual leaders of his day and challenges the veracity of their self-generated religious practices.

Take Courage in Christ

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Our passage today in Mark chapter 6 is a powerful reminder of our need to stay focused on Christ throuhgout our Christian walk here on earth. The account of Christ walking on the water is a story many have heard, even non-believers. But what can we learn from these few verses that would encourage and strengthen our daily journey in Him?

Completely Satisfied in Christ

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:The Person and Work of Jesus Christ is all Satisfying for our Every Need. We know this statement to be truth, but do we believe it in an experiential and complete way? We all experience times in life where we feel the need for rest and restoration. One of the main thoughts we cover in this message is the importance of seeking rest with He who can truly restore our souls beyond what we can understand.

No One Greater

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Standing for God's truth and as a result, enduring suffering in the life of a Christian has to be understood as being part and parcel of God's intentions for our sanctification and growth. But even as we try to grasp this truth, reading the brutal execution of John the Baptist can indeed give us pause as we consider the possible consequences of standing up for God's standard regardless of the cost.

Called to Mission

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Our text for today's message is appropriately taken from Mark 6:7-13 as we open our time with an encouraging testimony concerning a possible missions-based position for a family in our congregation. Christ has chosen his disciples earlier in his ministry and now that they have witnessed his message and his direction, he commands them to go out and proclaim the Gospel to those who had not heard it. We too must heed this command to spread the Gospel throughout the world and to those close to us in our communities.

Adoption into the Kingdom

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Due to various circumstances, we take a step away from our study in Mark to look back at some of the wisdom contained in the book of 1 John. "We are God's children now." What a beautiful promise for those of us that have been adopted by Christ into his kingdom! Justification, sanctification and glorification are rightfully held up as tremendous doctrines of the faith but let us not forget the beauty and love displayed in the doctrine of adoption.

The Danger & Power of Unbelief

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:It's only 6 verses that we'll be examining in Mark chapter 6 this morning. We see in this brief passage the rejection of Jesus by the residents of his own town, people that had known him and knew his family as well. A quote from CS Lewis brings us to the question that we as Christians must be ready to answer clearly and directly; am I ready to be called foolish for following Christ? Don't miss this vital teaching concerning true belief in the Savior of the universe.

Jesus Has Power to Save

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Two stories, two humans in need of healing. This passage beginning in verse 21 and continuing through the end of the chapter is a glorious account of the power of Christ to heal those suffering from death and physical pain in this world cursed by sin. How often in our lives do we do everything we can to try to fix a problem and only then do we ask for God's help? Christ demonstrates the need for us to turn to him first and foremost when we face life's difficult problems.

We Have A Story To Tell

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Have you ever wondered why Jesus told the man he healed in Mark 5 to spread the news about what had been done for him? With many other miracles, Christ expressly instructed those whom He healed to tell no one. We have a great deal to learn from this striking passage and as always, the beauty of the Gospel continues to shine brightly through Mark's narrative of the life of Jesus.

A Test of Faith

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:With a passage as familiar as Christ's commanding the wind and waves to be still, it can be easy for us to hear the same lesson or application each time this passage is spoken about. But there is much to be gleaned from these few short verses and we encourage you to have your Bibles open to Mark 4 as we look at the Command, the Control, and finally, the Confrontation.

Identity in Christ & Accountability

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:As we wrap up this series on biblical counseling, it is beneficial to be reminded of the importance of our identity being in the person of Christ. If we place our hope in what we are or what we want to become, we will eventually fail no matter our level of effort. Only by placing our hope in the one Person that can truly save and sanctify us will we become who Christ would want us to be. Cody also covers an important but sometimes uncomfortable aspect of counseling; accountability. But as we discover,

The Glory of the Kingdom of God

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Truth is what should be driving the life of the Christian. And having this truth, we are to leave truth footprints behind us as we go; this Light of the world shining through us to a dark and dying world. But we must give ourselves to the Word of God in study and in prayer if we are to be a conduit of this truth to those who need it.

Effective Change

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Love. Know. Speak. Do. The four aspects or components of biblical counseling as put forth in Paul Tripp's book "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands." We're nearing the end of this study and it's helpful to take a brief review at this point before continuing. But we do come to today's point of emphasis as Cody opens 2 Corinthians 11 and demonstrates the need to live out the true understanding of who we are in Christ.

The Fruit of Hearing

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:A very familiar passage to many people, even to those who are not Bible scholars, is our focus this morning in Mark chapter 4. For those of us who have heard sermons and talks on this passage in the past, the message would likely have centered around the soils and their comparison to the human heart. But context is always important in understanding the Word and this morning we take a much broader look at this familiar story.

Confrontation: How to practice it well

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:We often hear the term 'church discipline' and many negative and uncomfortable images come to mind, most of which are images completely fabricated from a poor understanding of the biblical concept. If we are to change these incorrect lines of thought, we have to understand how biblically sound church discipline actually begins far in advance of excommunication or any similar actions. Pay close attention as Cody shows us the importance of being in close relationship with those in the body of Christ and exhorting one another in the Lord as a means of preventing the creep of habitual sin.

Do not Deny Christ!

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:The Unpardonable Sin. Most Christians have faced the question surrounding this uncomfortable topic with the question being; "can I or have I committed this sin?" It's indeed a scary thought that you might have committed a sin so heinous that it precludes forgiveness. But open your bibles with Cody to chapter 3 of Mark and be encouraged as we learn the truth about this sin. Also, don't miss the admonition from Christ to put our spiritual family in it's rightful place in our relationships with others.

Appointed to Ministry

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:Christ's appointment of his apostles was an important phase of His ministry here on earth and the choices he made leave significant lessons for us today. Uneducated men were chosen for the most vital work of spreading the Gospel to those who had not heard it. Thus our first point of discussion: plain knowledge of God does not equal a relationship with him. Christ chose these men in spite of their lack of qualifications and we see how Peter, James, John and others came to serve the Kingdom in mighty ways because of their close relationship with Jesus. We too can have that closeness with Christ as we pursue Him through His word.

The Expulsive Power of Christ

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:The title for the message today is partially inspired by Thomas Chalmer's article from the 19th century entitled "The Expulsive Power of A New Affection." In our passage from Mark chapter 2, we see the extra-biblical rules, regulations and traditions set down by the religious leaders of the day and how they came face-to-face with the heart and mind of Christ and His desire for humanity to know Him as He truly is.

The Authority of Christ

Pastor Cody Carnett


Description:There is a tendency we have to belittle, however subconsciously, the authority of Christ over all of our lives. As we travel further into the study of the book of Mark, we encounter Jesus going against the religious leaders of his day and their astonishment at the power and authority of his teaching. Not only that, but the people that he healed and those who witnessed his healing were amazed at his authority both over the soul and the body. Follow along with us in Mark chapters 1 and 2 as Cody examines these seven sections and how we must acknowledge Christ's authority over all things.